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Bright babies make a bright future.


The first weeks of life are the most critical for brain development. 72WEEKS is a service that delivers brain development tips to parents or caretakers (via email or text), once a week, for the first 72 weeks of a child’s life.

Early brain development determines many key

brain function and impacts intelligence, for life.

The first 72 weeks are among the most critical in brain development. The neural structures for motor skills, language and emotion are shaped during this time and provide the foundation for all other brain development. If brains are not developed properly at this time, irreversible damage can be created.


72WEEKS’ mission is to foster community around the best resources that enhance brain development in children. We are building a community around our initial set of tips and as our community grows, we will create additional resources that respond to our users' desires.

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The best brains in brain development contributing to your babies growth, right at the most critical time in brain development.

72 WEEKS' tips are focused on language, motor skills and emotional intelligence. Research has been focused and written specifically for new parents into short and sweet brilliance.


Our tips are based on research from leading institutions like the US Center for Disease and Control, Harvard, Arizona State University and UCLA. 72 WEEKS is curated by Dr. Jill Stamm, a recognized leader in early childhood development and the author of Bright from the Start.

Hi, we're the team.

Dr. Jill Stamm

Chief Content Officer

Jill is the inspiration behind 72WEEKS, the co-founder of New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development (NDI),  an associate clinical professor at Arizona State University, a celebrated  author and an international speaker on early brain development.  Jill is the author of, Bright from the Start, The Simple, Science-backed Way to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3. She's been featured in Parenting Magazine and various  publications.

Susan Benson

Special Advisor

Susan is the mother of Sarah and Andrew, a Supervisor at the Arizona Department of Health Services Day Care Licenser and a former elementary school teacher with a BS in Education from Northern Arizona University. With extensive knowledge on daycare best practices, she is helping us tailor resources for the daycare industry.

Sarah Benson-Lorang

Chief of Operations

Sarah holds an MBA from the University of Denver, is Owner of Xenios Advisory Group, the former Director of Customer Experience at Name.com and a former Luxury Hospitality Industry Executive. Sarah is also an expecting mother of a little boy and the wife of a start-up CEO. Sarah is Co-Founder of Colorado Fragile X and serves on numerous other non-profit boards in the Denver area.

Andrew James Benson

Creator + Managing Director

Andrew is an award winning creative who works as a Senior Creative Producer and Director at Randy Murray Productions and is the Managing Director of A Happy Project. He produced and co-directed the education documentary, Mitchell 20 and over 30 episodes of content for Teaching Channel. He was the founding Co-Chair of Generation United and is on the board of the Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation.

Tony Ash

Technical Advisor

Tony isn’t as glitchy as his photo. He’s a stand-up man with 17 years of experience leading web application and software engineering projects with an emphasis in social and charitable causes. Working with clients such as CocaCola, Keurig, Lowes, Keep America Beautiful, PBS, Earth911, Easter Seals, Community Food Connections and Montessori Day Schools, Tony transforms ideas into products and services by developing actionable strategy and executing it.

We’re starting small to see if you like these tips and the way they’re presented. If you like this we’d like to create additional services, but shape based on your needs. Together we can build a great community for future parents. What else do you think we should offer? Want to help? Have questions?


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Building a community to support future parents.